This is the dump truck that we used on the farm I grew up on. Soon to be parked at home, if all goes well.

Picture of the front of the truck

Left hand views of the truck

Left rear

Right hand views of the truck

Right rear

Truck engine pictures...



Picture of the cab

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2004 Pictures
Pictures of the truck after it is home and back on the road, 22 February, 2004
At this point I have redone most of the braking system, replaced the rear oil seals on the wheels, tuned it up (it has only been 25 years since the last one.....). I have also replaced the battery, all the tires (at least 3 were original to the truck) and starter solenoid.
Left hand view
Left hand view
Rear View
Rear View
Right hand view
Right hand view
Front view. Guess I need to get to fixing the front bumper.....
Front view
Addition of a hitch and new taillights

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2005 pictures
Truck sitting under its cover (no garage room for it at the moment), July 2005
1310 under it's cover
"Back" from hauling firewood...... (October 2005)

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And the Saga continues.......

On the way to pick up firewood earlier this year, I pushed in the clutch, and got a loud bang, the truck lurched, and the clutch pedal went completely to the floor.  Once I got it back to where I could work on it, found the following:
Picture of the transmission still in the truck. You can see where the arm sheared off of the shaft on the left hand side of the transmission, just below and to the left of the spring.
View of the transmission with the floor cover off. You can see the shaft that sheared off on the left side, just below the sprint that is hanging down in the picture
A somewhat better view of it...
Another picture of the sheared shaft (to the left of the lower part of the spring
Picture of the end of the shaft, with the engine out of the truck.  Nothing like a manufacturing defect that takes 38 years to show up.....
 view of damaged shaft with the transmission/bellhousing out of the truck
Picture of the engine/tranmission out of the truck, just "hanging" around Engine and transmission removed from the truck
Picture of the shaft after the arm that sheared off has been welded back on. Picture of the repaired shaft with the arm welded back on



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